Three Options? Many manufacturers are surprised to learn that there are actually 3 different types of “UL” product certifications available in the United States. This is important information for manufacturers who have avoided product certifications or who have had concerns with their existing certifications.

NRTL Listing: A product “Listing” provides a manufacturer with the ability to apply the NRTL Listing mark themselves. However, there are many reasons why an NRTL Listing may not be the best certification option – higher cost and longer turnaround time are the main reasons. In addition, the program is simply not intended for custom products.

Field Labeling: The alternative has always been Field Labeling. Field Labeling is well suited for custom and unique products. However, Field Labeling isn’t the best option for large order situations and when the customer requires a full product Listing.

Batch Certifications: A new option has been developed at a number of NRTL Certification Labs = a Limited Production Run or “Batch” Certification. A Batch Certification is a great option for those who are looking for the benefits of a NRTL listing but without the hassle of maintaining quality procedures. For those Manufacturers who have a limited production run yet still require a Listing mark, the Batch Certification is your best choice.

Differences in the US “UL” Certification Options:

CertifiGroup operates a complete Product Test & Certification Lab

CertifiGroup can Field Label, List, or Batch Certify your products

for the U.S. & Canada to UL & CSA standards

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