Component Certification

All safety critical components must comply with the applicable component safety standard. This is a general requirement included in all safety standards = UL, CSA, EN, & IEC. Wiring evaluated to the appropriate wire standard, cabling evaluated to the appropriate cable standard, etc. Plastics, connectors, switches, fuses, power supplies, transformers, EMI filters, motors, ballasts, drivers, batteries, battery packs, etc.

Every component that puts your product in compliance with any clause in any of the applicable safety standards is a “safety critical component” (shock hazards, fire hazards, energy hazards, injury hazards, chemical hazards, & radiation hazards). Every safety critical component must meet its component safety standard - isolating devices, enclosure materials, insulating materials, power supplies, batteries, etc. This helps explain why there are over 600 UL standards.

Certified Component Considerations

In general, when sourcing safety critical components, you should ask your vendor for a UL/CSA/CE certified part.

Uncertified Components – Your Options

The same options apply for all uncertified safety critical components - you can either:

  1. Change to a certified component suitable for your application or,
  2. Have the uncertified component evaluated to the applicable component safety standard as part of the review on your overall product. For some components, this may not be too difficult (i.e. transformers). For other components, it really is not realistic (i.e. fuses, wiring).

Uncertified Component Review Considerations

We advise all of our customers to avoid uncertified components. However, if there are no commercially available certified components that fit your need, you may have no choice but to have the component certified as part of your overall product. Before choosing this path, you should consider:

Component Sourcing Conclusions:

Don’t be caught by surprise

CertifiGroup performs Preliminary Reviews to UL, CSA, EN-CE, and IEC standards

CertifiGroup can help you properly source your components for compliance

CertifiGroup can evaluate your uncertified components

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