The Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) was recast in 2014, with the new version of the Directive (2014/68/EU) becoming mandatory as of July 20, 2016. Therefore, if your product involves fluids, vapors, or gases under pressure, at some point in the product’s operating cycle, it is important for you to determine if the PED applies to your product.

PED Basics:

1) Pressure Specification: The PED applies to products and components with a maximum allowable pressure of at least 0.5 Bar (7.25 PSIG).

2) Fluid Group: It is important to classify the fluids, liquids or vapors in your system as Group I or Group II in accordance with Article 13 of the Directive. The Fluid Classification is critical in determining the scope of coverage. Note that fluids may include a suspension of solids.

3) Pressure Equipment Categories: The Pressure Equipment Directive separates the requirements into two categories:

4) PED Product Exemptions: The Pressure Equipment Directive includes several exemptions for products covered by other Directives including:

5) Product Classification Category: The product is to be classified by Category in accordance with Annex II of the Directive. The classification is dependent upon the Hazard Level.

6) PED Equipment Exemptions: Products evaluated to several common CE Directives are exempt from the PED as long as the product is not classified above Category I per Article 13 and Annex II. Exemptions include:

7) Essential Safety Requirements: Most products that fall under the Pressure Equipment Directive must comply with the “Essential Safety Requirements” (ESRs) specified in Annex I of the PED. The ESRs include requirements related to the design, materials, and manufacturing of pressure components and pressure equipment. We will review the PED Essential Safety Requirements details in a future whitepaper.

8) Path to Conformity: The path to conformity is determined based on the fluid classification, the product classification category, and if the product involves fired or otherwise heated processes. In some cases, a PED Notified Body is required to be involved in the compliance verification process.

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