Product Liability Services
We are product safety experts who can help your case by providing facts!
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Product Liability Solutions
A compliance review by CertifiGroup USUALLY RESOLVES ALL CLAIMS - the results are that clear.
Question all Product Injuries
The true cause often isn't the 1st blamed. Cases involving personal injury from a product should be reviewed by a compliance expert.
Know the UL-CSA-CE Truth
We are not lawyers, we are regulatory compliance engineers who are experts in the requirements and the pitfalls.

We hear it all the time, "The user said they got hurt by our product." Before you take their word for it, have a CertifiGroup Compliance Expert review the specifics of your case. Quite often the purported facts are not the facts at all. Give us a call. There are two sides to every story. CertifiGroup can help put science on your side.

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