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Let our CE marking experts guide you through the entire process.
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CE Knowledge
Do you know the EU-CE Directives that apply to your products? Do you know the CE product standards?
CE Documentation
Do you have a CE Declaration of Conformity? Do you have a CE Technical Construction File?
Flexible Services
We can provide the exact level of service you need to obtain the CE mark on your schedule.

Need a CE mark on your product? CertifiGroup has a team of CE experts who know all your options to ensure the fastest, easiest path to compliance. We can do it for you, we can help you do it, or we can teach you how to do it yourself; at our facility or yours; all directives and most standards. Request your free copy of "The Steps to CE" now! At CertifiGroup, we make CE easy!

Our CE marking experts will guide you through the important steps

Options include:

  1. Do it yourself
  2. We assist you
  3. We do it all for you
  4. Onsite training
  5. In-house training

About the EU

  1. 28 Member Countries
  2. 500 million consumers
  3. 25 EU Directives (Law)
  4. 100's of Standards
  5. Manufacturers must Comply
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