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Product Testing & Certifications
Manufacturers and designers around the world choose CertifiGroup for their product safety certification testing to meet the standards they need.
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Compliance Assistance
CertifiGroup helps you navigate the compliance process so your products get to market faster.
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CE Marking
Save time and money on your product design and certifications with CertifiGroup. We have experts available to answer questions and take personalized care of your projects.
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Consider the facts

  • CertifiGroup has scope to test and certify to applicable UL, CSA, EN, International and ANSI standards.
  • 90% of manufacturers products fail to receive certification upon initial testing.
  • CertifiGroup clients who take advantage of our pre-certification assistance have an 80% success rate for initial certifications.
  • Compliance assistance saves time and money, especially important in competitive markets
  • Lean manufacturing requires lean design, which means savings and reduced time to market
  • Going Green? CertifiGroup can help!
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"With help from CertifiGroup's expert engineers, we were able to get our product to meet standards the first time around and keep our team on schedule."
Jacob Richardson
President & Founder of Accutrix Inc.
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