Ingress Protection (IP) Code Testing

ISO 17025
ACLASS Testing Accreditation Ingress protection is the degree of protection provided by the product enclosure. In many cases, the level of protection provided by the enclosure is marked on the product in the form of an "IP" code. For example, IP 55 would indicate a dust protected (first digit 5) piece of equipment which is protected against water jets (second digit 5).

Ingress Protection Wet Lab

CertifiGroup is ACLASS ISO 17025 accredited to perform IP testing to various IEC, EN, and DIN standards. Each and every project with CertifiGroup will include a Detailed Test Report with test details, observations, results, pictures, and a Certificate at no extra charge! In addition video services of your product during testing is also available.

We offer testing results in as little as a 7-10 business days, in urgent situations we can perform expedited services in less than a week. See a sample IP report.

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