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Manufacturers and designers around the world choose CertifiGroup for product safety certification testing to meet international UL & CE standards.
Clients enjoy:
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Short Queue Times
  • International Product Safety Expertise
  • Genuine Compliance Assistance
Our clients share the need to sell certified products quickly and efficiently.
CertifiGroup simplifies the experience, getting clients certified the first time.
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Our staff of expert product safety engineers will guide you through the certification process ensuring a shorter, smoother, and far less expensive certification experience.

Your products need to pass testing the first time, without delays and extra costs. If you are ready for a faster, simpler product regulatory experience, you're ready for CertifiGroup. Worldwide corporations take advantage of CertifiGroup services again and again for product safety and compliance needs: Hewlett Packard, DuPont, GE Healthcare, Tyco Electronics, Panasonic, 3M, Siemens and many others.
Consider The Facts
  • CertifiGroup has scope to test and certify to applicable UL, CSA, EN, International and ANSI standards
  • 80% of manufacturers products fail to receive certification upon initial testing
  • Certifigroup clients who take advantage of our pre-certification assistance have an 80% success rate for initial certifications
  • Compliance assistance saves time and money, especially important in competitive markets
  • Lean manufacturing requires lean design, which means savings and reduced time to market
  • Going Green? CertifiGroup can help!
Save time and money on your product design and certifications with CertifiGroup. You'll always hear a friendly voice (instead of the usual voice mail), and we will have experts available to answer your questions and take personalized care of your projects. Call now at 800-422-1651 or e-mail info@certifigroup.com. You'll be pleased with our valuable assistance and quick responses.